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My best moments of 2016

i’ve been so inspired to write lately but i never have any idea of what i want to write about. the end of december always gets me in a reflective mood, and as i see everyones #bestnine photo grids pop up on instagram and facebook i can’t help but try and think of what mine were. i have never believed in defining your “best nine” by which photographs got the most likes and comments on instgram, and as i am getting older i am realizing that sometimes the best and most impactful moments in my life are often the small and seemingly insignificant, perhaps photographs that didn’t even make it to instagram in the first place. i need to remember that a picture is only worth the truth it holds, pretty pictures are just pretty, but photographs that mean something are so much more powerful. so here it goes, my best 19 moments of 2016 (because let’s be real, i can’t narrow these down any more than that;))

in the mist of chaos i felt so much peace and happiness in that moment of just being still under the shade of a palm tree and not saying a word.bradyhouse media and meg courtney

when the weight was lifted off of my shoulders after facing my fears and i learned the true meaning of grace.

meg courtney wedding and elopement photographer on kauai hawaii

that moment i knew my mom could do it, and then she did. hanakapiai trail

my feet in the sand underneath a cotton candy sky and finding my first sunrise shell knowing it was a sign i was exactly where i was supposed to be.

sunrise shells on kauai hawaii

that spontaneous 8 hour detour through the rocky mountains filled with good music and better company. canadian rocky mountains icefield parkway

standing there i could feel the cold mist hit my skin in thick droplets. i closed my eyes and took in the sensation of the cold water covering my face, the sound of the falls hitting the ground and i was overwhelmed with gratitude that i was able to be standing there – and just like that, the shivers subsided, i exhaled and i realized that this was what it feels like to be fully present.skogafoss iceland

that silent moment away from the crowd where my head was filled with daydreams and my heart ached for kauai. vik, iceland self timerwhen i found strength in vulnerability and opened my heart.
bradyhouse media portrait photographymy entire family was packed into the car, and for a moment it felt like we were little again, 5 hours that flew by with hysterical laughing fits and good conversation with my 4 favorite people. my heart was filled with so much love i could have cried.

tofino, bc canada drone photography

sore cheeks from laughing so hard, this sunset boat cruise dance party with my family in bikini town

canadian girls on a boat on shuswap lake

when a gloomy day turned into magic because we decided to go anyways. full rainbow koke'e kauai

a sky full of stars, music softly playing in the background and that late night conversation about life.night photography beach camping on kauai hawaii milky way

that time we got lost in the forest, in the dark, on one of the most epic enchanted elopements of all time. that moment we heard the car alarm go off and we knew we were going to make it.

kauai adventure elopement wedding. hike-in ceremony na pali coast

new friendships formed over yet another “best day ever”.meg courtney on the na pali coast kauaigaining a new appreciation for the place i grew up on a roadtrip with my sister. there was a very specific moment while we were driving that i felt so thankful for how close we have grown to be. im so grateful for her beautiful mind, humor and insight and i really cherished this time we got to spend together.banff national park canada in the fall roadtripthat time we watched the stars fade into sunrise on the top of mauna kea with the perfect soundtrack. it felt like it should have been straight out of a romantic movie.sunrise at mauna kea

the most romantic christmas, and that moment where my eyes welled with tears while we stood under the most magical rainbow that seemed to last forever.

wiamea canyon rainbowhappy new year friends! i have a feeling this next one is going to be the best one yet 😉

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