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“Life of a Gypse”… Orlando, Key West, and the Dominican Republic {Personal}

wow! holy unicorns has this last month ever been a crazy one. we went from christmas holidays at disney world, to key west for new years, to back to kelowna for 20hours, repacking and flying out to calgary, to me flying right back in the same direction to the dominican republic, shot a destination wedding, and flew back to calgary and then back to kelowna. unfortunate timing as scott flew out to toronto this past weekend about 2 hours before i landed, so i couldn’t be more excited to pick him up from the airport tonight and for life to get back to “normal”, whatever that is. 😉  i know right? i am out of breath just typing it all out! it’s been a crazy month. but an amazing one! and i couldn’t be more grateful!

i have come to realize over the last few weeks that what sc and i are able to do right now is pretty dang cool. we travel, alot. we are always going here or there. both of us own our own businesses that keep us busy, and the best part is that we have eachother to experience it all with. i know that this “life of a gypse” style of living probably won’t last forever, or maybe it will if that is what we love to do, but either way i have decided to take it in, 100%. to embrace the busyness as i have said before, and to be grateful for every moment of it! because, the reality of it is, we are so lucky. and however much i miss those quiet days at home, they will come. and when they do, its those moments where i am dreaming of our next adventure.

so, i will leave you all with some of my favorite photos from our travels over the last month. so many amazing memories made, and i soo treasure times like these spent with family and great friends! be sure to check back here tuesday as my all time favorite session EVER will be posted up on the blog. you all saw jen & caseys dominican republic wedding last week, and tuesday you will see their day-after/trash-the-dress session that couldn’t be more dreamy!!!

**also, be sure to check out the facebook page for details on the new website and re-brand LAUNCH DAY!! MCP will be hosting a huge launch party with some AMAZING giveaways every hour from 2-8pm PST on January 28th, so join us to celebrate and win some amazing prizes!**

~ happy sunday!!! 🙂 ~

Disney World & Universal Studios, Orlando Florida, December 19th-28th

Key West, Florida, December 29th-Jan.6

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for Jen & Casey’s Destination Wedding, Jan. 9-17th, 2013

Thanks so much to Janine Sept for the shot above and this one below! Such a fun trip with such an amazing friend! <3

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  1. I love that shot of you in the nude tan color dress ( or is it nude :P) It reminds me of a commercial shoot

  2. Joelynn says:

    Your photos are beautiful!! Your sister looks amazing in that red dress with the blue blazer!! I can’t wait for your new website and re-brand on the 28th, excited!!!

  3. Scott Courtney says:

    I love our life! best part is sharing it with you Meg ;).



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