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Life is a fairytale, so be sure you don’t wish it away.

i have always struggled with getting so excited for things to come that i get caught up in the “will be’s” and “could be’s” of the future. so much so, that i sometimes forget to fully take in the “now”. when i was a kid i used to always say “i wish i was older, i wish i was done school, i wish i didn’t have to practice the piano, i can’t wait to graduate, i can’t wait i wish i wish i wish…. even now sometimes i catch myself. i wish it was this way, i wish it was that way… i wish we could do this, i wish i was here i wish i was there. i can’t wait for the house to be set up, i can’t wait for scott to be finished school. i can’t wait for summertime and wedding season and to get back to kauai. i can’t wait till i’m with him and he’s with me. sometimes i even wish it was tomorrow or tonight or next week and i can’t wait until wednesday when he gets home…

lately these have been thoughts that have been swirling through my head like chaos. but, the truth is, i have no reason to wish for anything other than exactly what we have. and i can wait. and i should wait. because this exact moment that i’m wishing away is special and amazing. this season is so exciting and i am so thankful. to wish it was something other than exactly what it is and can be is to be ungrateful. and i am definitely grateful, for every tiny little thing.

so, even though it doesn’t seem effective to say here that i wish i didn’t sometimes fall into thinking this way, ha, it’s true. every once and a while i need to remind myself that this life is absolutely perfect, just the way it is. fluid and flexible, even when things don’t always go the way we maybe wish they did. our life is amazing. extraordinary. the very best fairytale:). today is incredible and exactly the way it is supposed to be. and so is tomorrow and the next day. i want to take in all of these seconds and seasons and chapters and bask in the magic that is every one of them. these precious minutes and moments and days are perfectly perfect, so i am going to be sure not to wish them away. from now on, i am going to live for now. because now is so much more than enough, and i am so grateful.

Thanks so much to Christie Graham Photography for this photo of me from a recent styled shoot Scott and I were a part of!
Photography: Christie Graham Photography
Styling: Created Lovely Weddings & Events
Florist: a new leaf floral design
Calligraphy: La Happy
MUAH: Jenny Mckinney
Cake Artist: Sweet On You-Designer Cups and Cakes
Dress Designer: Truvelle


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