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The Adventures of Meg… Post #1 – KAUAI!

HOLY TOLEDO!…. where has the time gone?!? remember back in the day when i used to blog every week? what happened to that?!!? i promise i am going to do my best to be better, life just got crazy all of a sudden and time got the best of me.

it seems like ever since i boarded my plane to kauai in january that life has been spinning. since then, we have been to kauai twice, new zealand, santa barabara california, las vegas, lake country, we moved out of our house to our new home which we built 8 hours away, i have been in seattle for the last week while scott has finished classes, i started developing an iphone app with one of my best friends and scott got to play a HUGE role in a revolutionary movement at his university. tonight we are meeting at the shuswap to spend the weekend together with my family in bikini town (yay!! finally!), then he will come back out to kelowna to write his finals and i will head back to cochrane for work… LIFE is chaotic right now, and even though we love every second of what we are doing and why we are doing it, i can’t wait to move into the next chapter after scotty graduates in a few weeks and we actually get to be home together… can you believe we haven’t even been to our new house TOGETHER YET?!? right. it’s crazy. soon though!

SO, with that, i am going to start blogging about our adventures.. i know i am a little behind but better late than never!! i am SO excited to share these images from kauai, and thought today would be an awesome day to do it since i am about to head out to bikini town to spend the holiday weekend with my family – i feel like i have hardly seen scott since this last trip, so it has been so great looking through the photographs and reliving it while i built this post!

kauai has SUCH a special place in my heart. my sister and i have spent months there while we were growing up, and this was my 13th trip to the island, haha isn’t that ridiculous! i can’t stay away!! on the first trip there while we made our way to new zealand, we got to see the most INCREDIBLE sunset of my life.. i blogged about it (surprisingly ha!) and you can check that post out by clicking here! and then i stopped there again on my way back from new zealand to spend a week with my family! such a magical island… check it out.. you’ll see ­čÖé

thank you all for being so patient and understanding about my lack of blogging lately, it’s my goal to keep up with it from now on.. so hold me to it!!

happy easter all! i’m off to bikini town! (if you wanna keep up with our crazy adventures in real time, you can follow me on instagram @megcourtney1!)

xo, talk soon!


a highlight of my LIFE so far was definitely hiking the kalalau trail and exploring Kauai’s majestic na pali coast… i was absolutely awe struck at the beauty of this place…. incredible.

we survived the hike… success!! (dad found these walking sticks for us that made it a bit easier … we were joking the whole time that his made him look like Gandolf from lord of the rings haha!!)my dad took these photos of scott and i on our last day in kauai at my favorite spot on the island… such special memories and i can’t wait to get these hanging on the walls of our new home!!┬á that’s it for now, next week i’ll tell you all about our adventures in new zealand.. but until then, enjoy the long weekend with your families and i’m so grateful for all of you!!! happy easter!!


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