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Ken & Tiera | Okanagan Photographer

scott came home from his first day of school. he barely had taken his shoes off and closed the door before he told me that he had made a friend… a married friend… i laughed, and told him that not all of his friends needed to be married just because he was, but he was excited none-the-less.

every day when sc comes home from school, the first thing i always ask is how his day went. every day his answer is mainly the same “it was good, got lots of studying done and had a productive day”. but as the semester went on, i began hearing more and more about “married friend” (which is what i jokingly called you, ken, until i met you haha). scott told me how ken grew up in germany and met his wife there.  she is a small town piano teacher from saskatchewan and still teaches in their home in kelowna. they loved to travel, were our age, they were relatively new to kelowna and had been married for 3 years. the more ken and scott talked throughout their history class, the more we learned how much we all had in common. since we moved to this new community, it has been challenging to meet people and make friends, as i am sure any of you who have ever moved to a new area would know. in acme, we were used to always being surrounded by friends and family, and here it hasn’t been that way at all. so, you can all imagine how excited we were when ken and tiera asked us to come for supper at their house… it was like a first date! a blind first date for me, haha!!

after 3 minutes in their house, i immediately knew that ken and tiera are the kind of people who INSTANTLY make you feel comfortable, like you have known them for years. they are REAL, and genuine, and a fun mature couple who scott and i are so SO fortunate to have found. in the short period that we have known them i already feel that i could count on them for anything. they have reliable, honest, kind and solid traits which makes them people anyone would be proud to call friends. we have already had so much fun with these 2, and cannot thank both of them for making us feel so welcome not only into their home but into their life ~ both sc and i are looking forward to many more memories with our “married friends“, haha! 😉

thanks for everything guys! i had sooo much fun taking these photos with you!!



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  1. Justine says:

    LOVE them Meagan!! The lighting is so so so pretty!



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