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Jessica + Liam | Kamloops Fairytale

oh my gosh. im not sure where to start.

after the hottest day in kamploops since 1979, the breeze off of the water felt amazing. jess and liam sat in the front cuddled up together despite the heat. they couldn’t stop looking at eachother, and everytime they did they would both get a huge smile on their face and their eyes would light up. their love is inspiring to everyone around them. liam treats her like a princess, always warm and gentle with her. she laughs and smiles and light radiates off of her perfect skin and blonde hair. when he walks into the room, her whole being lights up, and when he sees her he does the same. these two just walking around in the most ordinary setting feels like it is straight out of a disney movie, so to get to watch them on a boat at sunset was like something out of a dream. a really, really amazing dream.

i have no words to describe to you the magic of jess and liams day. her dress was my dream dress, the setting and the decor was so thoughtful and purposeful. she did an incredible job putting everything together. jessica and liam, along with their family and friends have quickly become our family and friends over the last year, and i couldn’t be more grateful to have such wonderful people in our life. i think the photos will do a better job of explaining the day, so i’m just gonna leave you with that:)

congratulations jess and liam, we are so thankful for you and your friendship and we couldn’t be more excited for you!! can’t wait to hang at the lake with you guys this summer!!



naturally…the only way to go to your reception…. a girl after my own heart;)

**if you know jess & liam, or if you loved these photos be sureto click “like” below and leave these two some love in the comments section! thank you so much for being here and have a beautiful day!**

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  1. Meg Courtney says:

    Congrats Jess + Liam!! This wedding was such a dream to photograph, so excited for you guys! <3

  2. Justine Russo says:

    oh Meg, these are AMAZING!

  3. Rachel Wilson says:

    Oh my goodness!!! Meg Courtney these are amazing <3 I have gone back and looked through them three times now... truly beautiful!

  4. Ashley Durance says:

    Oh gosh! I’m at a loss for words! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL

  5. Karen Anker-Van Herk says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! These are super amazing!!!!!!!

  6. Naomi Lynn says:

    I just adore your photography! The moments you capture and the emotion in your images are so beautiful. You are an inspiration to my own photography.

  7. Joelynn Biever says:

    These photos are the best EVER! I think these are my all time favorite along with there engagement photos that you have done! And them on the boat reminds me of the little mermaid. You did such an awesome job!! I love these photos a ton!

  8. Jessica Crosariol says:

    I can’t stop looking at these Meg Courtney, Photographer!! haha!

  9. Linda Cook Hogan says:

    Beautiful photos WOW

  10. Patricia Smith says:

    I love your wedding photos,



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