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The day is here! Meg Courtney… UPDATED!

THE NEW WEBSITE! oh my gosh! i am so excited about this, if you haven’t seen it already, you can check it out at … AHH!!

first, before i say anything more, i want to say a HUGE thank you to one of my best friends jeremy kester for all the crazy long hours that went into creating this website for me. from concept to execution this guy just never quit, and i am SO proud at how amazing it turned out!! his concept of having a ‘photographed website’ is something that i have never seen anyone else do before, and i am SO excited to be one of the first to have an online space like this! every element of the site was placed there purposefully and the amount of thought and care that was used within every single page blows my mind. so so thankful for you Jer and all the time and thought you put into creating this. I AM JUST SO EXCITED so thank you! if any of you are interested in hearing more about the type of work that jeremy does (which if you own a small business, you definitely should check this out), you can head over to his site here to find out more. he is the master at helping people communicate clearly and turns peoples businesses around daily through audits and execution. stoked that we get to be business partners over at the dressing room app and even more stoked about all he has helped me with for my photography business. definitely give him a shout if you have any questions!

the concept behind having this type of design came from the fact that i believe that life is a fairytale. i believe that the ordinary is filled with magic, and i wanted my website to be a place of enchantment that reflected real, everyday life. every scene that you see on the pages is photographed somewhere in our home, and we are so excited to share that little bit of our fairytale with you guys:).

the site is exploratory so if you want to discover more, be sure to click around. we photographed every element and every bit of text is hand written. this has been a lot of late nights and sharpie markers, but you guys are so worth it:)

thanks for sharing in the excitement with us, and i hope you enjoy it! AHH! here we go!





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  1. Kaihla Stupka says:

    Love the new look!!! <3



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