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Beauty in Everything

So, my second blog post. here it goes.


This morning my husband and I just got home from a 5 day trip out to the Okanagan. After a busy 4 weeks of straight shooting, I decided not to do any shoots while we were there because it “would be nice to take a break” and enjoy the time with my husband without taking pictures … although I found my camera in my hand (no joke) the entire trip, and finally realized that I can’t “take a break” because there is beauty in everything and all I want to do is take a picture! (My husband thinks I am obsessive. Ok. So maybe a little)… Luckily my best friend lives in the Okanagan and she loves photos and taking photos almost as much as I do, so we decided we better do a just-for-fun photoshoot- Here is a sneak peak of some of the beauty from the last 5 days of my life 😉 – Happy Wednesday! (Tomorrow is my birthday, wahoo!)


These first photos are of my best friend and her husband-t0-be 😉 How CUTE are they!?

Since this was an “impromtu- SURPRISE-BOYS WE GET TO TAKE PHOTOS” session (you can imagine how PUMPED they were about that…. ;), Tylers hair looked like he had been golfing all day (which he had) so we made him keep his hat on..



gotta love husbands who are good sports 😉 always willing to smile for a picture.. wha’da guy 😉 <3




a sunny afternoon with some of my best friends at the beach. love.

A beautiful day cruising the wineries with my husband. photo location scouting!! Some beautiful spots!

The sunrise we saw on our way home this morning. beautiful.


So happy I didn’t “take a break” after all! I don’t think I will ever take a break, why not do something you love and do it all the time, right? Besides.. there is beauty in everything…


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  1. Shanna says:


    that second-to-last picture is my absolute FAVOURITE! Amazing!!!

  2. Janis says:

    Wow Meg….all of your photos (and subjects) were totally stunning. You really know how to capture the moment girl! Thanks for not ‘taking a break’!! Can’t wait to meet you in September.



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