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A Challenge | 30min. a day…

this morning i was watching SHOWITlive, and Kevin Strum brought up a great idea, and i am going to do it as a challenge to myself. the question is, are you?

think of all the things that go on in a day. all the time that is spent doing different tasks, working, looking after kids, dogs, husbands ( 😉 ), cooking, cleaning, facebooking, working, watching tv, googling, singing, talking, dancing, working, talking on the phone, reading, computing, gaming, working, eating, shopping, intstagramming, tweeting, pinning, working, laughing, sleeping, emailing, working, staring into space,… ha ha ok ok… my point is, how many of you take the time, everyday, to step out of your comfort zone. to walk away from you are doing at whatever moment you choose, to learn something new. something you didn’t know before, something you are not comfortable with. i know that i definitely don’t, and ever since i graduated from university, i cannot remember the last time i sat down to research about something that wasn’t in my comfort zone or wasn’t about photography. can you imagine what we could accomplish if for even 5 days out of the week to step away from the task at hand for 30minutes to learn something. what a concept, right? seems so easy. seems silly almost that it would be a challenge. but the truth is, after laughing about it and half heatedly joking about it, i realized that it is probably easier said than done. so i am taking the challenge, and i am even going to make a chart. every day i am going to take 30min to step outside my comfort zone, think outside the box and learn something new to record in my 30 day chart. i know i can do it, and i will better myself because of it. i challenge you to do the same, and if you decide to, please keep me posted on what you are learning by sending me an email, facebook message, or commenting on this blog! i would love to hear about it! …wouldn’t it be cool to learn and grow, together?

today i am learning about the effects of eating healthy and tips from the canada food guide in how to plan healthy meals. this is something that i have been drastically avoiding because i hate cooking and planning meals, but consequently it has resulted in us eating whatever, whenever – so after researching the effects of a healthy diet and how easy it can be if you plan your meals and shop for all the ingredients for the week ahead of time – i hope i can change that!

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