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The UN-Glamorous | My ordinary day today.

not every day is or needs to glamorous. as much as i would like it to be. take today for example. today i sat in a (somewhat ghetto… okay really ghetto) motel room, on a bed comforter that i would like to not think about how many times has been washed in the last year, and worked on my laptop for what has now been 12 hours straight. and i’m not even close to being finished. it wasn’t a ‘bad’ day by any means, i was productive and crossed things off my list, i even got to try the new mango black tea lemonade from starbucks which was pretty good, but it definitely wasn’t glamorous. sometimes i struggle with what to post and how, so tonight i thought, let’s just go with real.

i’m in california in a small town i’m unfamiliar with, and since peter is at a bachelor party for 2 nights i am all alone. i like to think of myself as fairly independent (ha! my mother is definitely laughing), but the truth is i pretty much hate doing anything by myself. i get this weird kind of anxiety when thinking about going to a restaurant alone, which resulted in my mcdonalds drive through breakfast and subway supper. i spent an hour on the phone with my tax consultant trying to solve the mysteries of dual-citizen-tax-filings that no one seems to understand and finally i decided i should go for a walk this evening as the sun was setting. i took my “picnic dinner” and walked out towards the lake to find an old washed up dock to sit on. now in your head i’m sure you’re thinking i was enjoying the beautiful scenery while being self-reflective as the last beams of golden sunlight shone through my blonde hair and the sky turned pink and purple while eating a beautifully packaged picnic meal enojoying a glass of wine…. welp, the reality was i was sitting there, with a bleeding toe since i kicked a stick on my way out there, i was on facetime with my dad who was keeping me company while i had my sweater awkwardly draped over my head like i was a child hiding under the covers to try and decoy the massive swarm of mosquitos that were hovering above me. strands of hair (that are greasier than i’d like to admit at the moment, in fact it doesn’t even look blonde anymore… shower day tomorrow…) anyways, strands of hair kept flying in my mouth every second word and my subway chopped salad spilled all over my shirt as i tried to maneuver both the phone and those flimsy little forks they give you with to-go food. a tall bird started walking towards me and my fear of medium to large bodied animals kicked in as i convinced myself i had seen all there was to see of the sunset, grabbed my plastic bag holding my unopened bottle of water and what was left of the chopped salad (that wasn’t on my shirt) and headed back to the motel, phone still in hand, because heaven forbid i walk somewhere … alone. haha;) as soon as i open the door to my room i turn around to see through the trees and buildings the most epic pink and purple sky. shoot! i should have just waited 10 more minutes. back to the motel for some late night editing. hopefully tonight i don’t get disrupted by an earthquake like i did last night that had me basically shaking and on edge for the last 24 hours. i’m so lucky pete asked me to come get him for the night when the party was winding down so i felt safe. he really is the best:)

i can’t wait to get peter back tomorrow and to continue on our adventures, but i guess i just thought it was important to know (for myself and for anyone reading this) that even midst traveling and adventuring and every day life, not all days are glamorous despite what we see on social media or what we imagine how other people live like in our heads. i think i am still learning that it’s okay for every day not to be epic, and i’m working on not to be so easily disappointed by the ordinary. the ordinary days make the amazing days so much sweeter and despite all that, there is beauty in the ordinary if you look for it. it sure does feel good to get some work done after these crazy last few weeks. i’ve half-written about 5 different blogs today, so another win for my motel-day is i’m at the end of this one:) hope this gave you a fun visual of my awkward every-day life besides the photos i so often post of my the back of my head standing by a waterfall or on top of a mountain at sunset, haha! happy weekend friends, go do something that makes you smile:) i think i’m going to go catch up on game of thrones… 😉

xox meg.

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  1. Jahni Lynn Ruedinger says:

    Now I wish I had time to call you! Haha! There IS so much beauty in the ordinary days. Just maybe get a nicer hotel next time. ☀️



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