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17 things you didn’t know about me

considering how much i am constantly posting to instagram, writing this post is actually surprisingly hard, but i thought it might be fun to try:)  so, a few random things i bet you didn’t know about me for this lovely friday!


  1.  i am going to canmore, emerald lake, jasper, high prairie, north carolina, italy, croatia, switzerland and back to kauai all in the next 7 weeks
  2. i am really good at driving boats. like, really good 😉
  3. i wear chocolate scented face bronzer. yum. and you’ll pretty much never see me without it on because i wear so much sunscreen on my face that it stays incredibly white (it really is the best stuff ever – it’s by too faced and it’s called chocolate.. you can buy it at shepora, try it!)
  4. i take hours to write my instagram captions. every. single. time. in fact i have had one sitting and loaded ready to post for the last 24hours but can’t think of the words. it’ll happen.
  5. i’ve never dyed my hair.
  6. BUT, i do dye my eyelashes black every 4 weeks (if you’re like me and have blonde lashes, try doing this! makes SUCH a difference!)
  7. i have a boyfriend from north carolina but he has lived in hawaii for almost 7 years
  8. i know most words to most rap songs, i have NO idea why or how.
  9. i first water-skied when i was 3 years old.
  10. i haven’t been to the dentist in 6 years. oh my gosh i need to get on that. (procrastination, oops.)
  11. i love the idea of romantic elopements in epic locations
  12. i’ve tried to do the 30-day-squat challenge for the last 4 months and can’t seem to remember to do it past day 12. it’s not that i don’t want to continue, i just forget i am supposed to!
  13. i am in the process of getting a divorce. life isn’t always as glamorous as it looks on the outside but i’m grateful for being able to learn life lessons and move forward.
  14. i’m scared of dogs, and cows, and pretty much every other medium to large bodied animals. well, i’m scared of small animals too. and fish. yikes.
  15. i finally finished an entire glass of red wine for the first time this summer and kinda liked it
  16. when it rains i like to go stand outside in my clothes until i am drenched, or go for a run.
  17. i’m currently riding in the car writing this blog

happy friday friends! go do something awesome!

shuswap lake girls jumping off of mastercraft boat summer




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  1. Ashley Willan says:

    Haha. Love it. I think I knew most of that. Except the bronzer.. Yummy! And nice work on the red wine 🙂 big girl!!! And yes, you are a great boat driver. I’ve



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