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Yay back to regular blogging… and a random tuesday

and it’s that time of year again! wow fall came fast this year ~ it’s back to more regular blogging and an office schedule! it feels like scott and i have been living the gypse life, basically out of our car for the last 3 months while trying to squeeze in as much time on the lake in bikini town as humanly possible while still serving our clients and shooting weddings … good news is that it worked! we got to spend so much time at the lake with my family this year and i am SOO crazy crazy thankful for being able to make that happen! now that summer is technically over (although i still believe there is a good month of “summer” left to be had this september ;)) we are back at home in lake country, and i am getting used to office days and life as a normal person ;). not to mention i am also back to spending the days by myself as scott started school again yesterday – crazy how fast his time off went by! poor guy, by the time he gets home i am so lonely that i must be sooo annoying… “pay attention to me… helloo.. what are you doing.. wanna go for a walk? play with meeee…let’s go to the beach… talk to me… ” haha. i come by that honestly though, right dad? 😉

i have a lot of really great ideas for the blog for the next couple months and can’t wait to get started on it. i am mostly looking forward to a series i am going to start next week which will be in somewhat of a guest-blog format but from some of my past brides, talking about the things they learned and what they would do differently after living through it. i think its going to be a really great resource for brides to connect and for the ones who are planning to get some free advice, im super excited about it!!

also some random thoughts…

-we are supposed to go surfing on the lake tonight but it is pouring rain… hmmm.. i think it will clear up. thats the best part of rainy days is that the sun always finds a way to sneak through at the end of the day. right?

-i would do pretty much anything for a pumpkin spice latte from starbucks right now… well, anything but get in my car and drive to kelowna. wouldn’t that be sweet if starbucks did delivery?

-i am thinking about selling the majority of my clothes… i have SO many clothes that i never wear but are still really cute, so someone else might as well be enjoying them instead of having them in the back of my closet… wondering what the best way to go about that would be, but thinking of just doing a blog post with photos and details, or maybe even a separate instagram account?? and then whoever puts their information down first gets the item? thoughts?

-i am working on this CRAZY cute sunkissed orchard engagement session right now… here is a sneak of what is hitting the blog tomorrow morning!

-LASTLY, i am SO EXCITED to share the latest issue of Adore Magazine with you all!!! Why? A) because its an awesome magazine… and B) because the amazing Kristen Wagner wrote up a 4 page article about my mission to help people see the magic in life, and to live out every moment no matter what… so honored by her kind words and couldn’t be more excited about it!! check out the full article here:

with that, i need to get back to work. thanks for the chat, friends! 😉



*****UPDATED****  My best friend just pointed out that it is WEDNESDAY, not Tuesday…. looks like i might still be in lake mode after all! HA! “back to regular blogging and a random WEDNESDAY” … right. :p


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