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Wednesday Q&A | iMovie and home videos!

yay! the wednesday q&a series is BACK in action for the 2013 year, and thank you so much for all of the questions that have been coming in over the last couple weeks!

this week i am going to talk about how i make the mini-home videos i always put together after a vacation or randomly throughout the year. if you haven’t seen any of these, check out one of my favorite waterski videos from bikini town i made last year by clicking here! a more complex example is jessica and reese’s wedding video from this past wedding season, one of my fav’s as well!!

so, how i make all my videos is through my mac, on imovie! it is simple, easy to navigate and gives you so many great options for customization! all i do is import the videos, choose the clips i want to use, add the text i want and any transitions, pick a theme (if i want one) and whalla! a home-video that is fun and looks professional at the same time! the next step, is to “export”, which goes to my documents on my computer. then open another mac program called idvd, drag and drop the video i just exported onto the idvd menu, and click burn! now my movie can be played on any dvd player, as well as uploaded to youtube and facebook! it is super easy and the memories are so fun to have down the road! i often watch our summer videos throughout the winter when i need a good laugh or want to relive those warm summer days 😉

so recap:

1. open imovie.
2. “create new project’
3. {choose a theme or trailer template if you want to use one available. they will pop up on your screen at this step}
4. “import videos” (file-import-choose the camera or the file on your computer the videos are stored- import)
5. choose clips you want to use – drag them into the project area. you can trim, add or delete clips from here once added.
6. by using the icons on the right hand side, add text, transitions, themes or music to your project by selecting what you want to use and dragging it into the project area
7. preview movie by clicking your space bar
8. once it is good to go, “export movie” by going to “share” in your menu bar {share-export movie- HD1080P- save to documents}
movie will take a while to export.
9. open idvd
10. create new project
11. choose theme
12. customize text by clicking on the text areas.
13. lick “media” on right hand side
14. add in your newly made movie from imovie by dragging and dropping
15. “burn DVD”

Thats it! enjoy and hope you all are able to make some epic home videos using these awesome mac programs!! to make things even better, check out the new hero3 gopro camera (i just got it for christmas!!) which is AWESOME for making videos and CRAZY small! not only is it fully waterproof, and takes great still images as well, it is inexpensive and so convenient to throw in your purse or take anywhere instead of hauling around a big camera. we actually used it for 100% of our video from my last trip to the dominican republic and the quality is amazing! to watch the humorous video that i just put together from this incredible trip with janine sept, check out our newest addition to the “janine and meg ridiculous video series” here, haha!! warning… we may or may not have some pretty serious dance moves and lip singing. just sayin. 😉

{to submit more questions for the q&a, please facebook message me by friday to ensure they are included in the next q&a post! thank you all so much!}

hope that helps with those video questions, and happy wednesday everyone!!





A screen shot from the dominican republic music video i just made solely from the hero3 gopro and imovie ~ a video that is almost guaranteed to make you giggle, haha!! 😉 the link is here, enjoy!

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  1. Ashley Gordon says:

    Totally picking on of those cameras up!!!! Hubby has been saying he wants something for snowboarding etc so I can justify the purchase little will he know I really bought it do I take make videos of the family lol it’s a win win right 😉 thanks for sharing

  2. Whitney Lane Arnett says:

    I have one of the original Go Pro’s from our south america trip. I really want to get the new one! It’s amazing how far they have come.



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