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Randomness on a Thursday, again.


thursdays seem to feel like fridays these days. right? or am i the only one? christmas is coming so soon and i swear i am 12 at heart because i just get so excited. that, and sc is in the middle of writing finals for school right now so i have been home alone for about 5 days so far, and have another week to go, so it feels like it should be the weekend by now. good news is, it is close to it!

some things bouncing around my head this week

– i really suck at wrapping christmas presents. like seriously. i have this vision of pretty paper and bows and it looks like i gave it to tucker to try and wrap. its the effort that counts, right? im practicing.

-we go to disney world in 2 weeks from today!! so. excited.

-we are also going to harry potter world while we are in florida. which reminds me of one of my favorite stories. one of my best friends who loves harry potter knew a girl who was going to harry potter world. she offered to buy her a wand while she was there and my friend replied “you can’t!! the wand chooses the wizard!!”. makes me giggle everytime. i won’t say any names… but it was classic tiffany.

– i almost brushed my teeth with polysporn the other day.. hahaha. my mom’s words immediately came to mind… “pay attention to what you are doing meagan!!”

– i love white lights on christmas trees

– my sister came over and made Snicker-doodle cookies for us the other day and my average cookie-intake per day has been somewhere between 8-10…. :p. good thing she drags me to the gym with her every morning. ha ha.

– i believe that extensive christmas lights on houses proves to be a driving hazzard. and they are awesome.

– i have my first official “design” meeting this morning with my incredible website designer from Florida!

-i need to write down the time change to Florida somewhere where i can see it when scheduling calls with my designer. i always think it is 4 hours behind BC… and you would think after scheduling calls to that time zone for the last 7 months 4 times a month for team-x i would have it figured out by now. looks like i have an hour to spare! hence this blog! ūüėČ

-i loved the feedback from yesterdays Q&A blog! can’t wait to see the questions that come in over the next week and to write up the next one!

-my parents left on their “adventure” a couple days ago. they packed the car up for 3 months, and started driving south without a plan. they are in texas visiting my grandparents and the rest of my moms family right now, and then they will meet us in florida for christmas! i think it is so cool they just packed up and left the brutal winter without any sort of plan except “getting somewhere warmer”… so pumped for them and excited for the day when scott and i can be spontaneous like that!

-oh my gosh it is cold in my office. and tucker is snoring SO LOUD. sounds like there is an old {extremely tired} man in here.

-can’t wait to shoot an engagement session up at our local ski hill this weekend! {silver star mountain resort}

-i should get some real work done before my meeting.. that is at 10am… not 9. :p

and here is me in my office, all ready for my call 1 hour early because i am dyslexic and think 3 hours really is 4…. awesome. “pay attention to what you are doing meagan!..” hahaha.¬† ~ have a great weekend everyone! see you back here on monday!

xo ~ Meg.


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