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Rachelle and Kevin | Kauai Vow Renewal

Rachelle and Kevin, old friends of Meg from Bradyhouse Studios, had a beautiful plan in mind for their family trip to Kauai: a vow renewal surrounded by their children. This special occasion was destined to be extraordinary, filled with the breathtaking beauty of Kauai and the warmth of family.

Photographer + Videographer | Meg + Peter, Bradyhouse Studios
Permit ROE NO. 2024-22447 and FIPAC 24-272ab

They envisioned exchanging their vows in the serene presence of each other and their three little ones on a dreamy Kauai beach, followed by an intimate moment just for the two of them. They chose a sunrise vow renewal at Tunnels Beach on the North Shore, accompanied by a couples session the next day in Waimea Canyon, giving them the best of both worlds.

Early in the morning, before the sun rose, Meg and Peter from Bradyhouse Studios met with Rachelle, Kevin, and their kids on the North Shore. They found the perfect spot on the shoreline, where the Bali Hai mountain provided a stunning backdrop. The ocean was calm, and the morning light was simply magical. Peter and Meg captured candid moments of the family playing on the beach, their laughter and joy immortalized in photos and film.

As the sun began to rise, Rachelle and Kevin stood side by side, their children by their side, and exchanged heartfelt vows. The serene morning and picturesque surroundings made for an unforgettable ceremony. The beauty of Kauai, combined with the love shared by the family, created a truly enchanting scene.

The following day, in the late afternoon, Meg and Peter met up with Rachelle and Kevin again, this time for a couples session in Waimea Canyon. With their kids staying at the hotel with a family member, the couple had the opportunity to focus solely on each other. They drove up the winding canyon road to the Waimea Canyon trail, where Bradyhouse Studios captured intimate moments against the stunning backdrop of the canyon. It was the perfect setting for Rachelle and Kevin to reminisce about their journey together and celebrate their enduring love.

Bradyhouse Studios, a premier Kauai elopement photographer, was honored to capture both the vow renewal and the couples session. This experience not only showcased the natural beauty of Kauai but also highlighted the deep connection and love between Rachelle and Kevin. The vow renewal on the serene beach and the intimate moments in Waimea Canyon created lasting memories that the family will cherish forever.

For those dreaming of a romantic and unforgettable vow exchange, Bradyhouse Studios stands out as the ideal choice. With their expertise in capturing the essence of love against Kauai’s breathtaking landscapes, they ensure every moment is preserved in the most beautiful way possible.

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