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Kayla and Josh // Kauai Enchanted Elopement

“let’s leave it up to chance” she said as we went back and forth with the different options for their enchanted elopement. we had a loose plan in mind, but something was telling my gut to switch things up and that it would be worth it. i pitched an idea we hadn’t yet photographed before and we decided that when we got up to the area and it felt right, then it was a go. i love it when things are only loosely planned, it always leaves so much room for the unexpected. i’ve found that when our mind isn’t soo set on a plan and we don’t have an exact image in our head on how the day should go, that’s always when the magic happens.

we drove down dirt roads and trails until we found the perfect forest with the most beautiful light pouring in. she changed into her gown on one side of the jeep and he changed back in the trees, and when they were ready they did their first look. kayla walked up to josh and he couldn’t stop staring and smiling. the forest was so quiet and peaceful as they held eachother and swayed with the breeze. one of my many favorite moments of the day.

Kauai elopement bride and groom in the forest photo by meg bradyhouse

later that afternoon we walked out onto this unexplored canyon ridge until we almost got to the vista. the trail was narrow, and it was everything i had in me not to look down at the thousands of feet of sheer cliff on either side. pretty soon we all realized it was a litttttle too crazy for all of us, so we sat on the trail for a minute, laughed about our predicament, and then basically crawled back down haha! (everyone but micah, who i swear is a billy goat and skipped along the trail in his slippers). adventures don’t always go as planned but those moments always turns into the greatest stories of the day. we ended the day covered in red dirt, with muddy bare feet, wind blown hair and their vows to one another under kauai’s pink sky.

i believe in writing your own vows. i believe that at the end of the day, your dress should be as dirty as the bottom of your feet and your hair loosely fallen from an epic adventure while holding hands. i believe in the focus being those words and that smile as a tear rolls down her cheek. enchanted elopements aren’t for everyone, but i’m so grateful for the amazing couples with inspiring love stories and wild hearts that this job has brought into our life. kayla and josh’s day will forever be a special elopement for us because of the total trust they had in our team to capture their day whatever that ended up looking like, and for their sole focus on not where we were going or what was the backdrop but on eachother and the promises they were making. once again i am convinced we have the raddest couples in the world! enjoy these photographs!!


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