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Andy and Josi // Italy Enchanted Elopement

we started at their house in austria and decided to go on a roadtrip and see where we ended up. josi packed her dress in the back seat of their car and threw her favorite lipstick in her purse and we were off. we drove aimlessly for hours across austria into italy with the day-dream image of a lake surrounded by mountains in our minds, if we made it that far. italy has pizza and pasta, so let’s drive that direction, we decided. after multiple snack stops and car karaoke sessions we pulled up here, and it was even better than the millions of instagram photographs we had seen. the water was so blue and clear it felt like we were looking at a painting. after checking it out, josi ran back to the car for her dress. this was definitely our spot.

we rowed around the lake, (correction: pete rowed me around the lake to the very specific spots and positioning that i requested for each shot… haha!! thanks petey!!) and we ended the session passing the camera back and forth between us so we could all have photographs in this magical place! it’s such an amazing gift to get to photograph 2 of our best friends in this exciting season of their life, “wedding week”, we called it (and then a few months later, they got to be there for our own wedding week on Kauai!). it was silent as the wind died and the lake was still, they sat in the boat side by side and joked about who was the better rower. he reached over and brushed the hair from her eyes as the sun peaked out from a cloud and lit up the water. this whole day was a dream come true, so happy for our sweet friends and seriously STOKED that one of these photos won 8th place in one of the largest photography contests in the country with over 36,000 photographs submitted in the “Wedding Couple” category… how cool is that!!

we have been so blessed by andy and josi’s friendship over the last few years, even though we live on opposite ends of the earth we somehow have found a way to see eachother multiple times a year, we’ve gotten to travel all around the world with them from air bnb’s to camper vans, truck tents and eachothers homes, and we love having friends across the world who are always down for a last minute adventure. i’m just so excited for the two of them to start this next chapter!

(scroll to the bottom to see one of my favorite photographs ever of pete and i that andy took at the end of their session too!)

…and one of my favorite photographs ever that andy shot of us after we passed him the camera at the end of the session and the breeze picked up! totally worth that camera pass over the water from canoe to canoe! 😉

italy elopement bride and groom on a canoe in mountains photos by meg bradyhouse

**thanks so much for being here friends! if you enjoyed these photographs feel free to leave andy and josi some love in the comments section! have a beautiful day!**

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