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Life in the 808 | Kauai

october definitely presented it’s challenges in my life, but if i have learned anything through it all, it’s that you can’t appreciate the highs in life without going through a few lows. something always comes out of everything. after what seemed like an impossible few weeks, kauai happened and i was so grateful. i forgot what it felt like to live, and this trip breathed so much life into me in the midst of chaos. a place as magical as this one can do that to a person i guess. sometimes it’s okay not to be okay, and when that happens, it’s also okay to keep living.

a one-way ticket and friendships new and old. laughter, clarity. living life to the fullest, being spontaneous. sleeping on nothing but the sand and sharing an awful old pillow with one of my very best friends as we counted shooting stars. beach fires, midnight swims and too many cases of beer. sunset hikes along the napali coast, adventures in the dark, surfing, roadtrips, loud music with the windows rolled down singing at the top of lungs to the same songs over and over. dancing in the rain, chasing rainbows and long naps under the shade of palm trees. this is living life and i am so grateful for these people and this place. i am going to be spending a lot more time here this next year… more to come on that soon:)


i was so excited that my girl jacilyn m decided on a last minute one-way ticket to come hang out, we hiked this trail at sunset so we could photograph it, which meant hiking back down in the dark. i love how it is always an adventure with that girl. and always SO worth the lack of plan, ha!

taking in this amazing rainstorm… what an incredible moment.

we went to this beach for the day and didn’t want to leave. so we didn’t. we slept in the sand by the fire with nothing but an old pillow.

the next day we took an unplanned roadtrip alllll the way up to the canyon to find this… good thing we love to dance in the rain, because by the time we were done… the next photo happened:)

we spent the rest of that day chasing rainbows and found 11 of them. what. on. earth. – best day ever.

the day ended with getting absolutely poured on for the 5th time, officially soaking every article of clothing that both jackie and i brought to kauai. i don’t know why we kept putting dry clothes on everytime we got wet, but it was fun that is forsure.

so fun to get to watch Skiz surf a bit this trip, he was my surf instructor when i was 12 years old and has been a big part of our family ever since. he is typically a big wave surfer but it was still so entertaining watching him play around on these little ones! i even got to go out one day and surf a bit, so fun! can’t wait to get to watch them tow-in the big water this winter!

i’m not a halloween fan but somehow got talked into dressing up and going out with these 2 yahoo’s… not sure what we were, the dixie chicks and a hillbilly somethin’? but it definitely was a good time and i’m glad i got over my hang-up. but seriously. halloween has GOT to be the WEIRDEST day. hahah:)

my parents are such an incredible example of love and life. so grateful for them and that they were able to join in on this trip.

the circle of trust:)  this photograph was after a very last minute decision to take a quick roadtrip to the north shore so we could make it just in time to see the last 5 minutes of sunset. yup. worth it.

i will be back on this island in just 2 short weeks, so if you want to follow more adventures you can hit me up on instagram @megcourtney1!


have any of you been to (or any of you planning on going) to kauai?! the place is magic:) let me know – hope to see you there!

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  1. Maureen Tubman says:

    Your parents. They are stunning. Now THAT is Love and Happiness!



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