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Kauai Family Session | A few thoughts

i specialize in elopements but sometimes, when my schedule allows it, i photograph family’s who are here vacationing on kauai. typically i don’t talk about these sessions much, but a few weeks ago i photographed a family, an ENTIRE family of 12 people, and it really really moved me, so i wanted to share.

the family organized the session for their mom as a present on her 60th birthday. jackie and i had done an 8mile hike the morning of with one of her couples for the most rad day-after session at hanakapia falls, and we were exhausted when we got down with 15 minutes to rest before the family session. our muscles hurt, we were hungry and covered in mud. i felt drained, but as soon as i gave Charlotte a hug and wished her a happy birthday, to see the pure happiness and joy on her face immediately filled me up with energy and i felt honored at how grateful she was for me to be there and how much love she had for everyone around her. when she smiled, everyone smiled. she lifted others up with her sweet energy and it really was something special. what a wonderful quality.

when it came time at the end of the session for me to photograph her with her husband, it was one of the most inspiring things i have seen in my entire photography career. the love these two had for eachother after more than 30 years of marriage. listening to their words to eachother and seeing the way they look at eachother made my eyes fill with tears. he whispered to her that she was more beautiful than ever, that we was so happy to get to go through life with her. she giggled and told him she loved him and they couldn’t stop kissing eachother every couple of seconds. he squeezed her tight and she comfortably rested in his arms. my goodness. what an amazing way to be with the one you love after so long.


relationships are hard, let alone marriage. everyone has problems, everyone has challenges and struggles that they have to deal with, but this made me realize that there is a love out there that is worth fighting for. a love that is worth the tears and the sacrifice and the late night discussions. a love that is worth working through to be standing on the most beautiful beach, infront of the most amazing sunset with your favorite person, to look at them in the eye and see them for exactly who they are and to tell them you wouldn’t have changed a thing. so to this family, thank you for inspiring that in me, and i am so grateful i was able to document these moments for you all, and again, Happy Birthday Charlotte!¬† <3




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  1. Crystal Budgell says:

    Every memory of these two, my entire life, they have been this happy. So inspirational! Love you both so much! Beautiful photos Meg!



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