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Katie & Steve | Okanagan Wedding Photographer

katie is one of those girls that anyone would instantly love. she is energetic, enthusiastic, has a great sense of humor, and super easy going. steve is caring, witty and is just one of those people who can make you laugh so hard that your cheeks start getting sore! i have SO enjoyed getting to know this couple and their two children over the past year, and every time i have come home from spending time with them i tell SC that those are people who i hope we can become great friends with, because you can just tell that they are honest, good people and they love to have fun. their wedding day was filled with laughter and love. katie was cracking me up during the ceremony because she could NOT stop giggling the whole time, and steve’s “blue-steel-model-moves” made me laugh so hard that my cheeks literally hurt! i loved how these two were so trusting and they even got IN the lake on their wedding day… i LOVED how katies dress turned into a part dress just by undoing the velcrow, SO FUN! also a shout out and a special thank you to ashley willan for all of your help on this day!

i thought it was really special how both katie and steve made their own speeches at the reception, and after hearing their thank you’s there were words of such deep appreciation and love for each other for their children. not to mention how EXCITED i was to get to have TURKEY DINNER (my fav. EVER.) at their wedding reception! katie and steve’s wedding day is one of my favorites from my very first wedding season, and i am sooo so honored to have gotten to be a part of it!

katie ~ a special thank you to you for ALWAYS being so enthusiastic, confident and excited about my work!! all of your little messages, your facebook statuses and comments truly mean so much more to me than you’ll ever realize. you encourage me to be better at what i do and you remind me that there are people who believe in me if i am having a rough day or feeling discouraged. your energy towards “pumping my tires” never seizes to amaze me, and you my friend have given me a confidence that i will never be able to thank you enough for. THANK YOU, THANK YOU to both you and steve for allowing me to be a part of this amazing day with you guys and a part of your lives! i hope to have many more good times with you and your little family!! <3


~these AMAZING flowers were done by Alyssa Watkins ~

congratulations katie and steve!

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