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Katie and Mason | The Cathedral of Nature | Kauai Wedding

i’ve never been so in awe of a love, of a connection. after exchanging vows they took a few minutes to just be together. to take it all in. their hands were interlocked so tightly that there was nothing in the world that could keep them from being together in that moment. they stood there together, eyes closed, whispering, while the rest of us watched in silence. as i looked around me, i could see there wasn’t a single person who wasn’t captivated by their love in those moments. the entire crowd breathed slowly as if they didn’t want to make a sound or even blink in fear of missing what was right before us all. my eyes swelled with tears. this is what it is supposed to look like. this is love. this is living, fully and truly living. they said they were standing before the cathedral of nature and it was true, there was something so magical about the energy in the air. i have butterfly’s right now just reliving it in my own mind. what an incredible example they have set for all of us, they have inspired me with love in an entirely new way that i never thought even possible.


katie and mason will always have a special place in my heart. they were brought into my life at a time where i couldn’t be more grateful or honored to have photographed their day, but even more than that, they have sparked a fire deep within me to keep believing and fighting for true love. i believe their words will do more than mine, so i would love to share some of my favorite quotes from their vows to eachother with you all  below, in hopes that it will move you as it has moved me.


To Katie:
“There is no greater gift in life than to find a true love, and no greater love that allows two souls to unite to create one vision, a vision of happiness and support, of lifelong companionship. This is a vision I have dreamed of, and one that is realized today…”

“…The light you carry within is a constant reminder of the beauty that is, and is all the inspiration i need to achieve my true purpose. OUR true purpose. Our love is our purpose”

“…because of your laughter, because of your smile, because of your positive and uplifting character, I will always love you. because of your compassion, because of your unwavering kindness and bright intellect, because of your capacity to forgive and your ability to thrive in spite of the challenges ahead, I will always respect you. Because of your dedication to our love, because of your truth and honest, because I know that you will care for me and I will always care for you. Because you are you, I give myself to you wholeheartedly.”


To Mason:
“…I admire your deep desire to understand our natural world, your ability to keep my brain alive, and how you’ve made me a kinder person. You let me stand on my own two feet, entrusting me to engage in the world independently, because you believe in me. This is why I pledge my life-long friendship to you.”

“…When I met you my soul found a place deep within your heart so full of love, respect, and care, that I am certain no matter where we go, as long as you’re by my side, I’ll have a home.

“For these reasons and more, in front of our most cherished family and friends, and surrounded by the cathedral of nature, I marry you with every ounce of love, laughter, honest, and compassion I have. You are truly my other half, I love you.”



-congratulations katie and mason, thank you so much for allowing me to share in your fairytale <3
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thank you all so much for being here and i hope you have a beautiful day:)

xo, meg.

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  1. Mimsy Bouret says:

    almost as good as being there… so very beautiful. Mazel tov <3

  2. Son Geiger Healing Solutions for Kauai says:

    Congratuoations, the most beautiful pics ever. I cried watching them, so much LOVE!

  3. Dane Goddard says:

    Masoooon! Cangratulations brother

  4. Mary Blyth says:

    Such sweetness and light saturates these photos! Your love is so touching and so inspiring.
    Blessed Be!!

  5. Harvest Edmonds says:

    Harvest Moon and I have been so deeply committed and in love – for over 38 years – that most are unable to conceive of a relationship like ours ! And yet we are learning about true love and respect from this remarkable young couple and we are honored to be parents to such unique beings ! – Jim Edmonds – Mason’s bursting-with-pride dad !

  6. Myrica Morningstar says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I have been waiting for these photos. So beautiful, you are! Honoring your deep love and true commitment. Blessings, ALL BLESSINGS ALWAYS! <3 Myrica

  7. Jo Anna Korngute Hall says:




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