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Kaihla Tonai | Work Experience Week

kaihla contacted me almost 4 months ago about doing her work experience week with me as it is was the last requirement for her to graduate with her photography diploma at NAIT in edmonton. i was honored that she wanted to spend her time learning from me, although when i agreed i had no idea how much the experience would actually enrich my own life, personally and with my business. as soon as kaihla showed up at my door last friday, it felt like we had known eachother forever. we immediately connected with great conversation and no shortage of laughs. as the week went on, our friendship grew quickly and we were able to have many deep conversations about the foundation of a strong business and brand, as well as some of the struggles that come along with being a young creative in a competitive world. i truly believe that the more you teach, the more you learn yourself ~ and last week was an amazing example of that.

i believe that the people who come into our life, do so for a reason, and i feel so thankful for this amazing new friend. not only is kaihla’s  personality easy going and down to earth, but it is filled with authenticity and giggles. she is an incredible photographer and blew me away with her skill while second shooting at kathy and ryan’s engagement session (which you can click here to see… it was magical!!) i cannot wait to watch her and her business grow and i have so much faith in her to take this industry by storm! i am grateful for the opportunity to get to be a part of her story, and most of all, i am so excited about our friendship and the adventures and laughs we will share down the road!! thank you kaihla for teaching me more than you know this last week, i loved getting to know you and still can’t believe how much fun we had! i don’t think i have ever laughed so hard and so much in 7 days, and my heart is so happy to still have some of gramma stupka’s cake in my fridge! haha!! 😉

if you haven’t seen it already… click here to see a HILARIOUS video we put together while we were hanging out and “working”! haha!! it is sure to put a smile on your face ~ and with that ~ here are some images that i snapped of the beautiful kaihla on our multiple impromptu roadside photoshoots throughout the week (my fav!!!) be sure to like kaihla tonai photography on facebook here to follow along, this girls potential is out of this world and i know she is going to do AMAZING things!



haha!! on the left was kaihla’s first attempt at writing LOVE, and on the right is mine…. can you guess who needed a little more practice??? 😉 😉we might have gotten a little crazy with the light painting … :p

this was my last attempt at writing AWESOME ~ drastic improvement from the first attempt of LOVE i would have to say, haha! …such great memories 🙂

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