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Jenny + Chuck | Kaua’i Adventure Elopement

Jenny and Chuck’s adventure session was photographed by our lead photographer, Micah Camara, we love how their gallery turned out!

We get the pleasure of communicating with our amazing clients helping them plan out the perfect day and making sure all details are set in place before their elopement, and absolutely loved working with Jenny. We asked her to share a few of favorite parts of her day and we wanted to share her experience with you!

“This experience by FAR exceeded any expectations I could have had. Micah was so gracious and warm and welcoming. He even made my reserved husband feel comfortable so we could truly enjoy the day. Micah was so thoughtful in the places he took us. I remember one of the last spots we went to, he ran up to check the view and then ran down and was like, ‘umm you’re probably going to want to put your dress back on for this shot!’ And of course, he was totally right. The most epic pictures imaginable. And gah can I just give Dana some credit? I seriously don’t know what I would have done without her. Not only did she bring a huge towel for me to change but she carried things for me and was truly like a friend to me on our most special day. 

Also, we thought it was super cool that you guys hired David to join in for those drone shots. We just totally felt so loved and cared for that you guys wanted the absolute best for us. It truly shows.

And last but not least, thank you Meg and Megan. I’m not sure what’s normal but I know I asked like 4 billion questions and every time you guys answered me thoughtfully and without making me feel annoying. 

Without a shadow of a doubt, we are so happy we decided to invest in you guys to capture our day. We owe each one of you and your team a genuine thank you for everything that you did for us. We waited a long time in each of our lives to have this moment of getting married and you all made it more special than we could have dreamed.”

A few tips from Jenny to future brides 🙂

  1. Don’t worry about your hair! The more windblown, the better!
  2. Make sure your dress is easy to get on and off. Mine was NOT so much!
  3. Don’t freak out about planning every detail (me). The best things come unplanned. 
  4. IF Dana isn’t there, bring a big towel or blanket to change into. I never even thought of that and don’t know what I would have done without her. 
  5. Everything else was a blur of perfection ❤️

Our team had an epic day exploring and adventuring with these two! Enjoy the photos and if you know Jenny and Chuck be sure to click the “like” button below and feel free to leave them some love in the comments section!

Megan (Assistant for Bradyhouse Photographers :))

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