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The Little Moments Series | Post 1

this year, i made a promise to myself to take more note of the little seemingly small, insignificant moments that happen every day instead of measuring my life by the amount and frequency of the EPIC “best days ever”. so often i catch myself getting caught up putting so much pressure on everything for it to be “AMAZING” just the way i imagine it, but what i’m learning more and more is that if i let myself slow down and actual feel the little regular moments of every day, that there are stories here that are worth collecting, and these are the moments i want to feel and remember.
i have this book that i try to write in. when i got it, my goal was to write about the adventures that we went on so when we were old and grey one day we could go back and relive all our travels and the crazy stuff we used to do. at the beginning, i would write every last detail of what where and when, but after reading through it the last few months i could tell it was missing something. i was reminded of when and how and where but i felt nothing. all these details did was help me vaguely remember the underline of how the moments felt. i don’t care about the name of the town and the time of day it was. i want to remember how these places and these things made me feel, i want to remember the little conversation we had while walking down the street hand in hand, what i was thinking when i saw croatia for the first time or when peter reached for my hand when he could see how scared i was of sailing. not how many knots we were traveling and where we were headed.

when i write about weddings i try to take one moment of the day and be FULLY present, and when i go back and read my blogs, that one little moment can bring back the emotions of an entire day, this was such an important realization that i need to be doing this in my own life as well. it’s easy to get caught up in the details of when and how long and where and to collect these mile markers of the ‘we did this and this is how’, but all of these things are made up of these seemingly small moments that if we fully let ourselves be present, they mean everything. i know this can’t happen every moment of every day, but i believe it can happen a lot more than i let myself experience. so that’s the goal this year. i am going to work on my writing and start a blog series of a collection of little insignificant moments that i want to be able to relive and remember, the good and the bad (and i am going to try and do this with my instagram captions as much as i can as well). i’m not sure if this post was helpful to anyone but myself, but hope you all enjoyed my 7th-hour-on-a-plane-thoughts. ps. yes bon iver was playing from my headphones when i wrote this 😉 can’t wait to start this series! xox – meg.

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