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Enchanted Elopements | Meg Courtney Photographer

after a year of personal transition and reflection, i’ve had to take some time over these last few months to really evaluate my life, my work and what i believe. i have photographed over 80 beautiful weddings in the past 4 years and i have been so grateful for every single one of them, and i have also learned some very valuable lessons from these experiences. a friend of mine once told me that if you want to see something change, you have to start it, so after much anxiety, doubt, nerves but mostly excitement, i am finally ready to take the leap and listen to my heart. this is a new chapter for meg courtney photography, and i am so excited to announce to you all my new focus and specialization; Enchanted Elopements.

ahhh! crazy right? i couldn’t be more excited about this new chapter, and just for fun tomorrow morning I am going to draw a name for someone to win a free session (either here on Kauai or in Canada) so if you want to enter, head over to facebook by clicking here, share the video and leave a comment!

i just wanted to clear up a few questions that have come up a few times for any of you who are wondering below!:)

will you still be photographing traditional weddings?
i will have a much more limited availability for larger events but i am open to photographing a few very select traditional weddings each year where i believe that we are a good fit. i also am excited to announce that i have expanded the meg courtney photography team and will now be booking a majority of these larger weddings with the sweetest most incredible and talented associate photographers for those times where i am not available or for when i am not in the right country (haha). i will be releasing more on these 3 incredible photographers soon, but for more information about how that works please email me directly at

what if i am already married? do you have to be eloping to do an “enchanted elopement”?
absolutely not:) my goal is to help people create a beautiful and thoughtful moment in time where you have space to be together and to talk.┬á i believe that in our busy lives, we don’t take enough time to write letters, or to really tell the people we love why we love them and what we are promising to them. in an epic location i want this to be a very intimate and meaningful moment where you’ll have magical photographs to bring you back, whether your eloping, already married, not married yet or celebrating an anniversary. if you’re not sure if your situation is a good fit, just email me and i’d love to chat:)

Will you only be photographing enchanted elopements on kauai or will you still travel?
as always, i am always down to go wherever i need to go and love seeing new places, so wherever you are envisioning, let me know and we’ll figure it out! i will definitely be photographing the majority of elopements on kauai as this is where i live full time, but i will also be back in canada over the summer for a few months, and i will also do my best at keeping you all up-to-date with my travel schedule incase any of you are dreaming of a specific location. in may i will be in iceland (anyone dreaming of that?! that would be AH-MAZING!) and in june i will be in oregon and california (yosemite and southern cali) – so if i’m going to be there already and you want to make something happen, just contact me and we will!

are the locations for these shoots all easily accessible?
the location and how easy it is to get there is completely up to you. if you feel like being crazy adventurous, i am down to do a hike however long it takes, or if you are hoping for a location with no walk at all we can make that happen too:) if you are hoping to hike in somewhere, i also have an on-location hair and makeup artist who is able to come with us and make you feel beautiful once we get wherever we are going!

*if any of you have any other questions feel free to leave them in the comments section and i will update this post and answer them here, thank you guys sooooo so much for all the love and support and for being here with me to share in the news, i appreciate you all more than you know <3

and so, for those of you who dream of a bouquet of fresh wildflowers from the side of the trail, a gown you love packed away in your backpack and a lifetime of adventure, this one is for you.


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  1. Melissa Hansma says:

    Wow!! WHat an awesome adventure that would be. I wish you were around when i got married 17 years ago ­čÖé

  2. Joyana Faialaga says:

    Such a good Vision! Your an inspiration Meg!!

  3. Jessica Cox says:

    How much do you charge for elopement photography if we come to your location?

  4. Jessica Moyor says:

    I adore this video, and how it lights a fire inside my own poetic heart. I love your visions and how raw and perfectly imperfect love is. Thank you for inspiring me for the past few years with your beautiful images and stories. Your spirit and inspiring messages can be felt world wide, so kudos to you Meg!



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