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10 destinations I can’t stop dreaming about

i’ve been dreaming of writing this blog post for…well if we’re being honest… years actually. i don’t know why i have been so scared to put it out there, maybe a fear that if i say it out loud and it never happens that it would be an epic fail, but the truth is, especially about dreams, that if you don’t put it out into the world, how on earth are they supposed to manifest into real-life, right?!?
so! after much thought, research and day-dreaming, here it is. these are my top 10 destinations for weddings or elopements and the places that i am willing to photograph for travel costs only. call me crazy, but i think these are some of the most unique and incredible places in the world and the idea of getting to encourage rad couples to explore them together is seriously one of the biggest honors of this whole career… so if any of you are planning to elope but can’t decide on where… i hope this helps!!
(**all of the below photographs are credited to google images and pinterest!)
1. The Faroe Islands:
like whatt!! is this place even real! it looks so dramatic and incredible, this is definitely on the very very top of my list!
2. Switzerland:
peter and i had a 24 hour layover once in switzerland and it quickly became an obsession of both of ours. it is so clean and beautiful, the cities, the mountains, the grassy fields… an incredible spot to do a hike-in elopement or adventure style wedding with a sunset day-after session in one of their romantic cities… the dream!
switzerland dream elopement destination
3. Loften Norway (or Norway in general):
my best friend jackie and i went to norway a few years ago in the winter and it blew our minds. we only had a few days to spend there so we didn’t make it up to loften but it looks absolutely insane and i’m sure if you’re searching for an adventure-style epic background for your elopement that this is THE spot… just amazing.
destination elopement dream location norway
4. Austria: 
some great friends of ours live in this beautiful country and operate a hotel here, and it is seriously some of the most magical landscapes with castles everywhere. and even better, it’s only a short drive from venice so you could always double up for some variety! (but seriously, a sunset castle wedding in the alps? come on…..)

.desination elopement dream location austria hallstat

.5. Vik, Iceland

a few months ago i photographed a wedding in budir, iceland (check it out by clicking here) and it was absolutely perfect. later on in our adventures we discovered the town of vik, and i couldn’t help but think that this is a total fairy land. i have this vision of just driving around the countryside with a couple for an entire day, finding hidden waterfalls and valleys and black sand beaches. what a cool adventure to start the first day of forever:)
.desintation elopement dream location vik iceland
.6. Ireland (castles!) 
need i say anything more? one of the best days of my life was discovering an abandoned castle in ireland with my bff and travel buddy jacilyn m photography, and ever since it has been a dream of both of ours to get back here with an adventurous couple. like… for real… look at this place! it’s straight out of a fairytale!
..desintation elopement dream location ireland castles
7. Greece
who doesn’t have an inner-greek goddess just dying to reveal herself… am i right?! the idea of roaming around these ruins, the mountains of greece and the ever impressive white sand beaches and cities is just so exciting. the colors of the sky, the water, the buildings… it’s a photographers dream.

.destination elopement dream location santorini greece

8. Venice, Italy (or anywhere, Italy)

the most incredible pasta dish for your wedding dinner, anyone? i’ve always loved venice and i think it’s so unique and romantic. a sunrise session on the empty cobblestone, birds flying everywhere like it’s straight from a story book and maybe an afternoon trip to the colorful island of burano…. yes please.

.destination elopement dream location venice italy wedding
9. Seychelles:

this is a recent discovery and a new obsession… this place doesn’t even look real?! ultra-relaxing, incredible scenery and the ultimate tropical experience. imagine the types of photographs we could get with the drone here?!?!
.destination elopement dream location seychelles wedding
10. Tahiti or The Maldives:
i went to tahiti 6 years ago and it still is a place i think about weekly and who doesn’t day-dream about the maldives. the color of the water and the white sand is straight up paradise, plus, sunrises and sunsets here would be crazy. imagine on a sail boat… or on this little island all by yourself??! gah! canvases for every wall!!
destination elopement dream location tahiti and the maldives
…and there you have it! so excited to see what the future brings and what types of adventures we’ll get to go on this year… as of right now it is thailand in january, new zealand in february… just got to figure out where to next!?!?! <3 <3 <3
ps; feel free to share this post if you think you know anyone who may want to take me up on this offer! thank you so much for being here, it’s because of all of you that this is even possible and i am so grateful every single day!

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