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Euro Adventure | Austria Recap

ahhhh i know i am totally behind on my blogging lately – with all the traveling i decided to stop stressing so much about blogging and really tried to just focus on enjoying the last little bit of our adventure, and i am sooo glad i did! not to mention now that we are home, its so fun to look back on all of the images we have to remember this amazing trip! i am planning to do a blog for each country that we visited – if you missed the first one and want to hear about our time spent in germany and to see the images, view our first euro adventure blog post here!

austria was definitely one of my favorite counties we visited on this trip… well to be honest, every country we were in i am sure i said at some point “this is my favorite spot. yup. for sure this is my favorite….” 😉 – everywhere is so unique and amazing in it’s own way. austria had a TOTAL fairytale feel about it so naturally i was in heaven. the landscape, the lakes, the castles – everything about it just had me on adrenalin the entire time we were there. we are so thankful for our gracious friends andi and josi (if you haven’t seen their castle shoot we did, you should totally check it out here – so cool!) who hosted us in their home for a week, and also to our friend phillip who showed us around and had us stay with him for a night in his little village house just outside of villach – what an amazing experience!!

the train ride from munich to austria was comical for everyone on board i’m sure – the views were so breathtaking and i was so excited that i was running from side to side of the train taking photos out the window. the first thing i do in any vehicle when we are traveling is take off my shoes, something that is not so common in europe… so there i was, barefoot on the TGV train, jumping from seat to seat, side to side, “scott oh my gosh look at this… did you see that?!? another castle!!!…” ~ i was seriously trying to take as many photos as i could because i could not believe my eyes with what i was actually seeing. it was THAT beautiful. and it was entertaining watching the faces of everyone who was wondering what the heck i was doing, haha.

so with that, i will leave you with some of my favorite images from this incredible country!! if you EVER have the chance to visit, trust me and just do it. i swear they are not kidding when they say “the hills are alive…. with the sound of music” 😉


scott laughing at me running from side to side of the train taking pictures like a crazy person…. 😉this is phillip’s little village outside of villach! soo cool!!


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