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2 years ago…

he was just my friend who lived next door back then. my friend that i wanted to do everything with. now that i think about it i don’t think there was hardly a day in the 3 months prior that we didn’t do something together. he’d come over and we’d talk about life and what we wanted and what we’d been through. we’d go for drinks and watch sunset and even helped paint my parents condo together. on the days where i felt like i was loosing my mind, it’s his number i’d find myself calling. we’d go get mexican food and then drive around in my truck listening to music as loud as we could, singing every word until i felt better. we never held hands or kissed, we just always wanted the other one around. almost exactly 2 years ago i convinced him (okay maybe more like kidnapped him) to come camping with a bunch of friends and some of my family that i had in town. there were 12 of us and we watched sunset and cooked hamburger helper and had a dance party around the fire with christmas lights. as everyone started to disappear to bed, a few of us decided to walk down to the beach and look at the stars. we laid in the sand bank counting shooting stars and he finally leaned over and kissed me. i don’t think a first kiss could get any better.

the next day my best friend jackie and i (along with all my family) were leaving to go up to the north shore for my aunts wedding so we invited peter and johnny to come to the reception with us since it was valentines day. they showed up and the coordinator at the st. regis wouldn’t let them in because “they weren’t on the list”. we all stood by the door not knowing what to do when my mom ran up and told the lady very sternly that “these are my daughters, and these are their BOYFRIENDS …and it’s VALENTINES DAY!” – then she looked at jackie and i and said ‘you two better pretend good and make it look like you all are dating!!” we laughed and joked that mom got us boyfriends for valentines day.  we never left the dance floor all night long and we had the greatest time ever. that will always be one of the best nights of my life. we just sort of kept “pretending” after that day, my sister called it award winning acting. and here we are, 2 years later and we’re getting married! crazy how life turns out sometimes and i’m so grateful. happy valentines day petey <3 2017-02-14_0001photo by jeff newsom

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