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Tony and Ashley \\ Kauai Proposal

In honor of these two and their totally MAGICAL destination elopement last week, I wanted to share their proposal story from just over a year ago first! I cannot wait to show you the Rocky Mountain photographs of their spontaneous trip to Canada for their wedding, but for now, this is when she said YES!

he had a plan and it was a good one, a north shore beach, sunset, it was going to be perfect. the island however had different plans for us and when the rain poured down and the wind howled 2 days in a row tony went back to the drawing board. i’ve never met someone so up for anything as long as it was romantic and special for ashley, so peter and i drove around the island all morning looking for the driest most epic spot despite the storm that was sitting over Kauai. we ended up down a long bumpy dirt road at one of our favourite beaches. the cell service was next to nothing out there and it was still windy and raining, but the scenery couldn’t be beat. tony was excited and game for the new plan on the total opposite site of the island and he convinced ashely they should head west for sunset. I’m sure she was confused why he insisted on driving down this long bumpy dirt road in their mustang convertible mid rain and wind storm but she was along for the ride and when they got there everything finally made sense.

peter and i pretended to be out watching the stormy sunset on the bluff as tony and ashley walked up. i did my best not to smile or make eye contact to make things less suspicious and tony walked towards the giant X i had drawn for him in the sand. I had butterflies for her and the rain briefly stopped as to give them a moment and the sun came out from behind the cloud lighting up the sky. He bent down on one knee and her eyes filled with tears as she gasped… she said YES!!!!

if you enjoyed these photographs or if you know tony and ashley be sure to click the “like” button below and feel free to leave them some love in the comments section! thank you so much for being here and i hope you have a beautiful day! xoxo

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