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A night under the stars || Kauai

We walked down miles of empty beach without seeing a soul, looking for shells until the sun set below the horizon and it was quiet. Neither of us needed to say a word and he reached for my hand. The wind had completely died and the ocean was calm, I picked up another sunrise piece and we both looked up to take in our incredible surroundings. Not a cloud in the sky or a person to be seen, as if we were the only people in the universe at that moment, the only footsteps in the sand were our own. Fast forward to the campfire, Mya dog curled up on my lap, good wine and our favorite songs on repeat by the fire under the stars. My anxious heart needed this. The perfect day.

The night came as quickly as the sun dipped below the horizon and we watched in awe as the first stars began to appear. Soon there was another and another, and their light grew stronger as the hours passed. It was as if the universe was expanding and we were in an infinite meadow of glistening possibility. The Milky Way slowly crossed the sky as we counted shooting star after shooting star, dreaming of life’s miracles and wonder. Anyone who has been in this place has been touched by magic.

We woke up to the sound of gentle waves and warm sunshine. There were dolphins playing just passed the reef and the pond was crystal clear, still not a soul in sight. Mya and I played in the water and made our way out to the sand bar. I laid in the sand as gentle waves washed up and down, moving sand everywhere and especially all in my hair haha. I closed my eyes and was overwhelmed with gratitude. How lucky were we that we were in this paradise, not a single person around and we were only a short hour from home. Mya jumped in and out of the water and we stayed there for the majority of the day, cooling off in the crystal clear water until we were too sunned out to stay another minute. So grateful for days like this, we’re so lucky. <3


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