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Mark and Oakley | Enchanted Engagement (Canada)

it rained all day. and i mean, alllll day. we woke up early, packed our stuff and hit the road for lac sante which was about 5 hours from the farm. we talked about postponing the shoot until morning, but my gut said to go with the original plan and i’m so grateful we did. they surrounded themselves with flower petals and mark slowly began to paddle away from the shore. the sun dropped into the smallest little hole in the clouds that just so happened to perfectly line up with where we were standing, and the most beautiful golden light shone through oakley’s mermaid hair. so against all odds there we were, closer to Saskatchewan than i had ever been, standing on a beach (who knew) with an incredible alberta sunset on the water with an amazing couple as the storm brewed all around us. my friends and family sometimes say that i have the best luck of anyone they know, wonder why 😉




we met mark and oakley for the first time when we arrived at their cabin and immediately it felt like we had known them forever. we had a glass of wine and a beer in our hands before we even walked in the front door and we stayed up till 2:30am around the fire like old friends. and the best part, in the morning after an incredible breakfast we took their boat out and went for a morning ski:) (now THAT’S my kind’a engagement shoot, ha!)

oakley is sweet and bubbly and game for anything, not to mention she is absolutely stunning. she was so easy going, and even after forgetting her outfits and having to go back home to get them (a girl after my own heart;)) she was able to laugh it off. the next day was her first time getting up on one ski and i was SO STOKED to be there to cheer her on! mark is warm and full of smiles, him and pete got along like long lost brothers and we joked that it maybe should have been the two of them romantically rowing around in the canoe 😉 – mark plays hockey in the nhl and was just traded to the florida panthers, so we will definitely be cheering them on this season and we can’t wait for their banff springs wedding next summer!!

thank you a million times over mark and oakley (and lynn too!) for inviting us into your home, for feeding us such incredible meals and for making us feel so welcome, we can’t wait to hang with you all again and OMGosh… these photos!!! <3 See you soon!



2016-08-31_00062016-08-31_00072016-08-31_00082016-08-31_00092016-08-31_00102016-08-31_0011dark and stormy to BOOM! epic alberta sunset:)


**if you enjoyed these photographs or if you know mark and oakley, be sure to click “like” below and feel free to leave them some love in the comments section! thank you so much for being here and i hope you have a beautiful day!
xox. M.

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