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Recharge | Our spontaneous Kauai Get-away

the day had felt heavy. not that anything was wrong, but it was just one of those days where the weight of the world feels like it’s on your shoulder and the overwhelm of it all just hits you. we decided to go up to the mountains where there was no cell service and just be together. we didn’t talk about work, we just held hands and took in the quiet. when we got to the top of the road it was pouring rain and we almost just gave up and went back home, but instead we decided to hike anyways.

full circle rainbow kalalau kauai photographer

we started walking in a faint mist but soon enough the fog lifted as it always does if you have the patience to wait it out, and the most incredible full circle rainbow appeared. i could feel the excitement and the energy creeping back into every inch of my body. it was as if you could see the life being breathed back into both of us.

pihea trail koke'e kauai hike

we made it to the end and of course spent some time there taking photographs and enjoying the view as the fog rolled in and out. the rain became heavier by the time we made it back up to the car. we were soaking wet, freezing, and so happy.

kauai photographer

photographer on kauai hikingHonopu hike trail kauai2016-09-22_0020

our original plan was to camp up by the canyon, but since it was raining we decided it would be better to go to ‘plan b’ and make our way down to the beach. it was dark when we arrived and the stars were out in full force. we bbq’ed vegi-shish-kabobs, ribs and made greek salad for dinner (go us! my mom is probably so impressed reading that right now:)) and pete made a fire for us to sit by. we played a game of crib by the fire (our new obsession) and when we were done, i curled up next to him with my favorite bon iver playlist playing softly in the background, and we looked up to the sky in search of shooting stars. my heart felt so happy, and i’m even getting little butterflies typing it here thinking about how perfect and calm it was. exactly what we needed.

campfire at polihale beach camping

we made our bed in the back of my tacoma truck and laid out under the stars, praying it wouldn’t rain since we forgot our pop-up-tent. i seriously had the best sleep of my life, the moon rose directly above us and lit up the beach and the ocean, and when i woke up this morning there was a beautiful pastel pink in the sky and not a single person in sight.

camping at polihale beach kauai photographerwe walked the beach after our breakfast and found 4 sunrise shells (the second time EVER that i have even found 1!!). i decided to take it as a sign that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. i’ve been a constant state of day-dreams since we arrived back home this afternoon, so i thought i would share a bit of our get-away with you all <3

sunrise shells at polihale beach kauai photographer

yes, that’s me down there all by myself:) what a magical place. thanks to pete for the drone photographs! polihale beach drone photographypolihale beach drone photographyhope you have a beautiful weekend, be sure to take time to be still and present with the people you love:) sometimes all you need is to step back, go outside and find inspiration in new places <3
~ happy friday! xo ~ meg.

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