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Ivana + Luke | Mexico Destination Wedding

We’re excited for you to hear from Ivana and Luke and see their beautiful gallery! Ivana and Luke spent the week with our talented lead photographer, Micah, in Huatulco, Mexico. In this post, Ivana shares their favorite parts of their destination wedding, along with her top tips for future couples! We have the best couples ever. Take a look below, all photographs were taken by Micah and Aiden!

We love how their gallery turned out and if you know Ivana and Luke or love their photos, leave them some love below in the comments!

Some of my favorite parts of the day were:

  1. The mixing of the cultures and seeing everyone come together, With my family being from Venezuela/Canada and Luke’s from the US, this was the first time they were meeting each other, so it was our great seeing everyone just having a great time! This can be seen in the pictures of everyone embracing the Venezuelan culture and dancing to the “Hora Loca”, my dad even brought us special made hats with the colors of our countries to wear!
  2. Having a sunrise ceremony: we struggled to make this decision and we went back and forth on what was the best way to show the true colors of the beauty around us, but by having such an early ceremony, everyone was able to enjoy the day by the pool or the beach and me and Luke were able to have a moment to soak it all in, to embrace each other and to take a really good nap after being declared Husband and Wife! Plus drinking a Corona at 7am and having breakfast with friends and family with my wedding dress was something truly unique!
  3. Having a bilingual ceremony was also great, and including parts of our culture really made it special for us! The cherry on the cake for me was the fact that Luke recited his vows totally in Spanish.. it truly made that moment more special and personal.

Some tips for future brides would be to:

  1. Trust the process and trust your wedding planner, there will be downs and there will be things that will go wrong or not how you planned it, but the beauty of it is the fact that your guest won’t know that unless you tell them or unless you show them with your actions or attitude that something is wrong.
  2. Trust your vendors, do not micromanage their time and remember you chose them for a reason, and they are doing the best to do their job and deliver amazing results. 
  3. Enjoy the day, soak in the love and appreciate every single person that is there to celebrate you and your love!! it truly goes by way too fast!!

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