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How to Redesign Your iPhone Home Screen

We look at it all day long and I’m so stoked to now see a clean, inspiring space swiping through my favorite photos and affirmations! Here’s how to create yours! Be sure your phone is updated to the latest ios14 update.

#1 | Go to and search for “iOS14 aesthetic icons”

Find a theme you love and purchase (between $3-$5). Save the icons to your camera roll.

#2 | Go to Pinterest and search quotes or textures you love

Screen shot your favorites and save to your camera roll.

#3 | Download the Widgetsmith app from the App Store

#4 | Create your widgets that you’d like to use

You can customize a calendar widget, and use the “photo” option to create widgets with the textures and quotes you saved from Pinterest. Do a series of small + medium widgets and be sure to name them descriptively.

*TIP!* If you want a rotation of photos or quotes, create a photo album(s) on your camera roll with the different photos + or quotes you’d like to use – then select the widget “photos from album” and select your album you want to use. I did this with my favorite Charlie photos and love seeing all the different ones every time I open my phone!

#5 | Choose which apps you’d like to appear on your home screen

Now Apple has the “iPhone App Library” so you no longer have to have everything on your screen. I chose my top 20 used apps and deleted everything else to only appear in my library.

#6 | Open your Shortcut App and create a new shortcut

The Shortcut App is pre-downloaded on your phone so you can search for it in the Apps library. In the search bar type “open app” and select the open app shortcut.

#8 | Add in the app you’d like to create a shortcut

For example: Instagram – then select the 3 dots on the top right

#9 | Select “add to home screen”

This is where you can rename your app and select your new icon from your camera roll. Select your “Instagram” icon and click save.

#10 | Repeat for all apps you’d like to have on your home screen with your new pretty icons

Make sure you click “done” and then “create new shortcut” for your next one.

#11 | Once you’ve done this, you can move all of your original app icons into the App Library so you only see your new pretty icons

Press down on an icon on your homescreen and select “edit home screen”.

#12 | Rearrange your icons and use the + on the top left to add a widget you created

Once you hit + scroll alllll the way to the bottom and select “Widgetsmith”, then select either medium or small, it will automatically add the last widget you created but once it’s on your home screen you can edit to change which one appears.

#13 | Select a background texture or wallpaper photo you love and wallah! Your new home screen!

*TIP!* If you want a landscape or texture photo I have some island-themed wallpapers saved in the highlights on my Instagram @megbradyhouse!

#14 | Screenshot your new home screen and tag me, I want to see!

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