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I think I’d call it love


that thing we’re all looking for. we don’t even know what it is or how it feels until we are feeling it. it’s after 28 years of marriage, laughing and holding hands at the bar while she orders him another tai-chi. it’s bantering over jobs that need to be done and how they need to be done and when they need to be done… and then laughing about it later in the day. it’s sending her off to starbucks to get some quiet time and then texting her to get back soon, and to bring home lunch so you can eat it together. it’s holding hands in the car no matter how short the drive and taking that one last shot of tequila because she doesn’t need it. it’s knowing that he likes pickles not on his sandwich but beside it. it’s taking a random thursday off of work just to do nothing, but to do it together. singing and dancing like a fool just because it makes her laugh. it’s leaving the car on once you pull in the drive way just so she can finish singing the song. it’s staring off into space and checking your phone every 10 minutes. going on instagram even though you hate it, just to see what she’s doing or what shes done. stuttering and shaking and forgetting to breath. laying in bed until noon and staying up as late as you can just because you want more time. it’s the kiss right after the tickle fight and how he brushes the hair away from her face gently with his hand. your eyes fill with tears because you never thought you could be so lucky. he orders everything on the menu because she hates to choose. when 3 days feel like a year when you’re apart but when you’re together it feels like 10 minutes. 12 phone calls all in one day just because he misses her, and then booking a plane ticket for tomorrow to see her. its the run and jump when he gets there and sleepless nights only because you don’t want it to end. its dreaming about last minute trips just to have dinner in italy and then settling for italian soup at home instead. she can make his favorite meal in 15minutes and when he does the dishes, he knows exactly how she likes to organize the drinking glasses. i don’t know what it is, but i do know how it feels. and if i didn’t know any better i think i’d call it love.



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